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Residential Exteriors are often the first thing that potential buyers and renters look at when viewing a new home. For this reason it is vital that a new buyer or renter gets the best impression of your property, and what do they see first; that’s right, the paint job. New renters and buying will often avoid buildings that look run down and don’t seem well maintained. Fargo Painting Company helps homeowner to ensure that the value of their residential properties are represented in the best light possible so that potential buyers or renters are able to see how much love and care has actually been put into a home instead of noticing all the holes, cracks and stains that might have accumulated over the years.

Exterior Wall Painting

We believe that the cost to paint house exteriors should match up with the quality of service provided. In this regard we are North Dakota’s number one painting contractor company when it comes to provided value for money. Whether you need a barn painter or a house painter near you, We will provide you with only the best with our paint restoration services. Cover the entire Fargo area so we can have your residential properties looking like new with fresh, flawless coats of paint. If you want time saving, high quality paint work on your exterior walls look no further than us.

Power Washing

Removing mold and stains caused by water damage is one of the first steps that our painting contractor will take to ensure that exterior walls are prepared for paint restoration or a completely new color of paint. Our company utilizes a high pressure washers to clean of dirt, grim and oils that before any painting work can commence. With a dedication to long lasting durable results Fargo Painting house painters leave our customers with great results that homeowners can be proud of. Our power washing services extend to fencing, decks, patios, external house trim and railing. We ensures that delicate stucco cleaning is done quickly and without damaging the facade of homes.

Door & Window Frame Painting

We will work with you to accentuate some of the most important features in your home – external doors and window frames. Selecting the appropriate paint and finishing for doors and windows will greatly improve the look of your home. With our experienced team of house painters, let us help you brighten up your home exterior. Doors and window frames are prone to flaking paint, scratches and primer. Fargo Painting Company works diligently to ensure that doors and window frames are painted precision and attention to detail. Our team will work with you to guarantee overall satisfaction and long lasting results.

Exterior Painting & Staining

Fargo Painting company offers multiple options when it comes to meeting your exterior painting needs. We offer wood staining for your porch, doors, wood patios and outdoor furniture. Staining is an alternative to painting wood surfaces and gives an aesthetically pleasing and natural looking result. Our contractors will prep, caulk and repair any cracks or holes in your external wood surfaces. Following the preparation and repair stages our focus will be on providing professional looking staining options to achieve a deep, rich and natural appearance. Hasty staining and ill preparation can cause hundreds of dollars in damage. Fargo Painting Company makes sure that the job is done right, saving you hundreds in repairs and repainting.



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