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Fence staining and painting are two separate methods of decorating and the exterior of your home and adding a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to a residential property. The two methods differ in results and depending on the look that you are trying to achieve our house painters will recommend what’s most suitable for your needs. For fencing metal fencing our team helps customers to select the best paint and rust inhibiting primer available on the market. For wood fencing both paint and staining options are available with considerations made for absorption, color and exterior primer. Both types of fencing require scrubbing and power washing to ensure a lasting finish.

Power Washing & Scrubbing

Exterior surfaces like fencing are especially prone to dirt, weather damage and aging. In order to get the best results, our team will always begin by pressure washing and scrubbing down existing fencing in order to prepare it for its first coat of paint and primer. For metal fencing a wire brush is used whereas with wood fencing, scrubbing, scraping and sanding are involved. Regardless of the surface material our painting contractors clean and smooth every surface before painting or staining, thus ensuring a smooth surface on which we apply a fresh coat of paint.


Priming is done to protect fencing from sun damage, moisture and prolong longevity. If water gets into wood it can warp the shape and cause discoloration. Priming ensures that any painting done by our team after the primer is applied lasts for longer. There are different types of primer and depending on the material the fence is made of, our exterior fence painters may use an oxide primer, alkyd, acrylic, latex or in the case of cedar wood an oil based primer. Our company has years of experience and proven results in the selection and use of appropriate priming solutions.

Fence Painting

Fence painting may sound simple but the different tools and the effectiveness of those tools can only be determined by a professional with years of experience. At Fargo Painting Company our team of painters brush, spray and roll on a new coat of paint depending on the typing of fencing that you have at home. Whether you wish to enhance the natural beauty of the wood or apply a more organic look to your metal fencing our company can handle it all. Fence painting, if done right, by a professional team can completely transform the way a piece of property looks.

Fence Staining

Staining is a delicate process that if done right yields excellent results and provides customers with a beautiful looking finish and deep rich coloration. Staining allows color to be absorbed into the wood than painting and may be done upon request. We offer several choices when staining fences; semi-transparent, semi-solid and opaque are some of the basics. Our team will help you to select the option best suited for your requirements. We will also go through the different advantages and disadvantages of particular staining methods to ensure that you are well informed before making any decisions.



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